Sunday, September 5, 2010

Letter from Mrs. Jacobs - May 23, 1990

It has been a summer of reunions.  I had my high school reunion one week and then went on a reunion cruise with some of my college sorority sisters. 

In going through my high school and college boxes of "stuff", I found lots of pictures, notes, cards, old class papers, report cards, and much more.  I came across a letter from Mrs. Jacobs, my high school AP teacher.  It is dated May 23, 1990.  This was written a couple of weeks before our graduation.  The letter brought back a flood of memories of high school and in particular, my AP English class.  My AP classmates included DeAnna Colley, Kelly Cates, Laurie Jennings, Courtney Williams, Jason Hudson, LaShandra Banks, and Dori Hadaway.

Mrs. Jacobs really captured the spirit of our class in this letter.  I know that reading the letter now means so much more that it did when I was 18 years old. 

A couple of quotes from the letter:
"MY fifth period class has made this the best year I have taught in the "50" years of my career.  You are an exceptional group.  I have taught brilliant students before - some frightfully brilliant, but I have never felt the closeness of your class in any other group.  This is what I appreciate most in you."

"I have never experienced such a spirit of cooperation.  Whether you realize it or not, this is unusual.  This is also the key to a happy and successful life."

"My prayer is that you will continue to grow, that you will contribute as well as take, that you will always be as considerate of others as you are now, that you will never lose your positive attitude, and that you will be blessed with love, joy, and success."

Love, Mrs. J.

Often one receives compliments, but it is usually about something you did individually.  I really appreciate Mrs. Jacobs' insights into our group.  She gave us the highest compliments of all.   Mrs. Jacobs gave us all many gifts, but this letter might be the one I treasure most.  It is tangible, something I can read.  This means so much since I can't talk to Mrs. Jacobs anymore.  Sadly, she passed away a few years ago.  But, she lives on in all of us.....

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