Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Review - No Wonder I Am Tired

Like everyone else, it is time to reflect on 2010.  What did I really accomplish?  I have to say this was a pretty good year.  I achieved 3 major personal goals.  I also traveled a lot and had a ton of fun.  I pretty much covered most of Florida during 2010.  As best as I can remember, in 2010 I traveled to:

- Tampa, FL
- Baton Rouge, LA
- Orlando, FL
- Destin, FL (twice)
- Dallas, TX
- Washington, DC
- Miami/South Beach, FL
- Fairhope, AL
- Pensacola, FL
- New Orleans, LA (twice)
- Mobile, AL
- Cozumel, Mexico
- New York, New York

My Top 10 Adventures/Events/Ideas of 2010 (in no particular order):
1.  In addition to traveling, I greatly enjoyed Auburn's undefeated season and my unexpected trip to the SEC Championship game. 
2.  Another highlight of the year was the cruise I took with 4 of my college sorority sisters. 
3.  I celebrated my 20th high school reunion and saw some "old" friends. 
4.  I took one of my friends to the airport so he could fly to his new job in Afghanistan.  (I also think he might be the only reader I have on this blog)...  Haha - Hey Steve.
5.  I studied for and passed the CFRE exam (Certified Fundraising Executive)
6.  I started training to run in a half marathon in February 2011 AND to raise money for the American Cancer Society.
7.  I spent a lot of time at the Atlanta Braves games.  I probably went to more games in 2010 than in all the other years combined. 
8.  I pushed myself professionally.
9.  I am cooking new recipes, trying different wines, and writing more on my blog.
10.  I was selected to take on the role of president-elect for Junior League.

On to 2011....
I have 3 new goals to achieve.  Two of these will be more difficult to achieve than any of the ones from 2010.  But, if you don't try, you can't succeed, right? 

I hope that 2011 will start with a bang and a National Championship.  I cannot wait to go to the game on January 10.  I have the highest of expectations for my Auburn Tigers and for this trip. 

Stay tuned.....

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Go Round

AJ and I went on our annual trip to the Merry Go Round in the Valley.  I think I have been every year since I was born (except for my senior year in high school when I had my tonsils out.).  I also think that only people from the Valley call it the Merry Go Round. 

I don't think it could have been any colder that night.  Of course, we didn't have on coats or gloves.  Oh, we love to be spontaneous.   

AJ shivering on the horse.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sips and Strokes!

Mom and I went to Sips and Strokes on Friday, December 17.  When I told mom that the class started at 8:00 p.m., I thought she was going to faint.  We got out of there at 11:30 and we were the first to leave.  It was so much fun.  This class was to benefit my half marathon team and the American Cancer Society. 

Our blank canvases before we got started. 

Mom getting ready to paint.

The finished products.  Can you tell it is late at night?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CADC Girls Night Out

On Wednesday, December 15, it was Girls Night Out for CADC.  We had a great time at Laredo's.  I love these girls. 

Carla and Juanita. 

Cassandra and Melissa.  Look at Cassandra's ring!

All of us together.

Our arms together.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Carla's Christmas Party

The Bells invited us to their annual Christmas party.  We finally got everyone together for a picture.  We watched the Heisman ceremony.  Thank goodness Cam won.  I was nervous even though he won by a landslide.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

SEC Game!

At 10:45 a.m., I had on my running clothes when I got a call from my friend, Hank Galbreath.  He said he was unable to go to the game.  He had two tickets waiting for him in Atlanta.  He asked if I could get to Atlanta an hour and half before kickoff to pick up the tickets.  I reminded him who he was talking to..... haha.  I pretended to be Superman and made a quick wardrobe change.  Oh, the tickets were from Lloyd Nix, the 1957 AU champion quarterback.

I called AJ in a panic and told him I was headed to the game.  I asked him to find me someone to sit with.  Amy Camp met me in the parking lot of the LaGrange Cracker Barrell.  Everything from there worked great - front row parking at Marta station, walked straight on to the Marta train, found AJ at the top of the Marta exit, found Lloyd Nix with the tickets, and walked right in.  Whew!  Couldn't believe it.  What a great day!

AJ met up with a bunch of his South Carolina friends. 

We saw sweet Libby Amos!   

I didn't feel comfortable about the win until the fourth quarter.

Friday, December 3, 2010

CADC Christmas Party

On Friday, December 3, we had the CADC Christmas Party at the AU Club.  Grace Anthony attended with me.  She is our new coordinator (but not officially with HR yet...)

Group Pic, Take 1

Group Pic, Take 2

The Bells - Love them!

Me, Carla, and Dan

Friday, November 26, 2010

Auburn Beats Bama!

We were way too nervous to go to Tuscaloosa for the Auburn game.  I almost couldn't watch it on TV.  We watched the first half at our house.  Then, when that wasn't going so well, we drove to my parent's house during half time.  My mom was too shaky to drive to our house.  My dad was the smartest one of all.  He went to the movie theater and watched a film with David Housel.  We called them when the game was over and headed to Toomers!

AJ is so excited at Toomers. 

AJ running towards Toomers. 

So excited....

The day after the game.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Auburn Football Season - Wow!

What an amazing Auburn Football Season!  It has been so much fun.  We had a great time at the Auburn/UGA game. 

Before the game, we met Steve Wallace at the tailgate. 
He is a three-time Super Bowl Champ.  Note the huge ring.   

Tigerwalk at Auburn/UGA game.

Toomers on Sunday after the win. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

First Half Marathon - American Cancer Society

So, I decided to do a half marathon.... Yikes! 

I am excited about participating in my FIRST half marathon.  I am especially thrilled that my first half marathon will benefit the American Cancer Society. 

Visit my homepage to contribute:

In late 2004, my mother, Elizabeth Grant, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Luckily, the cancer was caught early and was non-invasive.  Even though her prognosis was positive, it was devastating news for our family.  She chose to be aggressive with her treatment and have radiation.  Happily, in early 2010, my mom celebrated the milestone of being cancer free for five years. I hadn't thought of the perfect way to honor her, until now.  I continue to be so impressed with my mother's strength and positive attitude.

Me and Mom celebrating 2010

I am grateful that there have been people who have contributed to the American Cancer Society in the past so that my mom could be a survivor.  I am running to raise money, with a personal goal of $1,300, so that additional research can be done to prevent and eventually cure cancer.

I am also running to honor my father-in-law Tony Jones, a stomach cancer survivor.  I am running to honor my cousin-in-law, Jeff Goodwin, who is successfully battling a brain tumor.  And, I am running in honor and memory of so many friends and family who have been affected by cancer.

So, when I am struggling with my training, I will remember that running is easy compared to beating cancer.  Every mile I conquer will be more meaningful because I’m doing this for something greater – for a cause I truly believe in.

When I cross that finish line, I will be doing it for you and for all the people we know who’ve been touched by this disease. Please support me and my team with a donation so that together, with the American Cancer Society,  we can help save lives and create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

Let me know when you make a donation and I will be happy to put the name of your honoree on this webpage.

My friend, Hank, contributed in memory of his sister, Sally, and in honor of his sister, Jane, and his wife, Ann.
My friend, Lana, contributed in memory of her mother who passed away in 1993.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Junior League - Vicki Clark

On Tuesday, November 2, we had Vicki Clark speak at our Junior League chapter.  She lived up to her reputation and was such an inspiring speaker.  I am so excited that we were able to get her here in Auburn.  We have been trying to get her here for over 5 years!  We had a wonderful time with her after our meeting too.

Vicki and the after hours girls. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mark and Carol's Wedding

AJ and I were invited to attend Mark and Carol's Wedding.  It was in Enterprise on October 30.  Since this was a pivotal game for Auburn, we listened on the radio on the ride down and actually watched a little of it at the country club before the wedding.  We were also able to visit with Mark a little bit before the wedding.   He was a happy groom, not nervous at all.  Carol was a beautiful bride.

The wedding was held outside at the Enterprise Country Club.  The weather was perfect.  We met tons of news friends AND celebrated Auburn's win over Ole Miss.

Our friend, Steven, was unable to attend.  He is currently working in Afghanistan. 
We made sure he was represented. 

Walking back down the aisle as husband and wife.

We sat with the Schneiders at our dinner table.

AJ wasn't happy about Steve not being there...

The guys celebrating

AJ and the groom

Finally got a picture of us together

With Carol, the bride

Saturday, October 23, 2010

LSWho? LSU - And, check them off the list

The AU/LSU weekend was wild.  The week included tons of work events, including the CADC Banquet and CADC Dean's Club.  We had a lot of alumni in town.  Then, on Saturday, it was on the game. 

I was so looking forward to seeing Kati Murphy Downes.  She is one of my college friends and sorority sisters.  She and her husband, Kevin, live in Texas now.  So, I haven't seen them in years.  Luckily, AU won and we were able to celebrate.  It is fun to have guests in town during football season.  Going downtown and rolling Toomer's Corner is something you get jaded to when you are a "local".  I know it sounds crazy.  I want AU to win as much or more than the next person.  But, living here, I don't always participate in ALL the downtown activities.  I am glad that Kevin and Kati and their friends stayed with us and reminded us to CELEBRATE!

Me and Kati.  My toilet paper throwing abilities were lacking during this trip. 

Our group at Toomer's.  So fun.  We did walk through town and looked at everyone standing in line trying to get in the bars.  Most of the waits were over an hour - crazy.  We also drove by the Supper Club for old times sake. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

CADC Dean's Club

On Friday, October 22, we had our annual fall CADC Dean's Club event.  It was a great of my favorite days of the year.  In the afternoon, we met at the AU Hotel and Conference Center.  Then, a group toured Samford Tower and the other group watched the Rural Studio film. 

At night, we had our event at the new Auburn Arena Courtside Lounge.  I highly recommend it. It was fabulous. Everyone had a great time.

At the Auburn Arena - Leighton, Me, and Brenna.  Last day all together. 
Can't believe that I stood next to these beautiful girls. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I ♥ NYC - Part 4 - AU Event

Sunday evening, we hosted an alumni event at the AKA Lounge.  This was perfectly located at our hotel and was in close proximity to MoMA.

Two of our architecture alumni selected this lounge and helped us book it.  They closed down the lounge for our private party. 

Sweet Julie Young, recent Architecture grad. and Chi O.

We had about 40 attendees.

After our event, we took the subway to Bar Baresco in Chelsea for dinner.  Our friend, Katie, booked it for us.  It was a wonderful night.  We pretty much closed the place down and took a harrowing cab ride back to the hotel.  So glad that AJ was able to go on this trip with me.

I ♥ NYC - Part 3 - Rural Studio Exhibit at MoMA

Our Rural Studio program was featured at an exhibit at MoMA - Small Scale, Big Change: New Architectures of Social Engagement.  Along with some of our alumni, we took a tour of the exhibit.  It was very well done.

Sketches of the $20K house at the Rural Studio exhibit.

A life size picture of the $20K house. 

Models of the $20K project. 

After seeing our exhibit, I had to take a side trip and visit Van Gogh's Starry Night.  I snapped a pic of it before the security guard scolded me.