Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend - Yipee!

What a great Labor Day weekend!  It started off on Saturday morning with me playing tennis at Saugahatchee.  I was asked to serve as the fourth person for doubles play.  I did inform the group that I had not hit balls in a year.  I held my own and the weather was great.  But, I did have to take a nap before the Auburn game....

I cannot believe it is already football season.  We visited two tailgates, including the Hodo's, before the game and sat with one of my alums in his suite.  AJ and I were joined by my dad and Johnny Minter in the suite.  And, my dad got to meet Lloyd Nix, the quarterback from the '57 season.  I didn't know that dad had always wanted to meet him.

My brother, Jeff, and his wife, Sarah, spent the night with us after the game.  We stayed up talking until 1:00 a.m.  I haven't been up that long in a while.

The next morning, Jeff and Sarah invited us to join them at the Georgia Aquarium.  AJ really wanted to watch the US Open matches so I went with them.  Jeff had given me a speech as we rode towards the parking deck of the aquarium.  He told me to not get frustrated with the crowds because he was pretty irritated the last time he was there.  So, I said, "Dada has a short fuse."  Charlotte loved this and kept saying "Dada has a short fuse" the rest of the day.  Of course, Sarah and I enjoyed this.  The Aquarium was amazing, but incredibly crowded. 

On Labor Day morning, I decided to relax at our club pool.  Thank goodness for the Adult Only pool.  The water was cool, perfect for laps.  Instead of swimming my usual mile or 1,650 yards, I swam 2100 yards.  It felt great and I had the pool to myself for 2 hours. 

When people starting arriving, I left.  The rest of the day I watched tennis with AJ and our friend, Chris.  What a great day and weekend.

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