Thursday, September 9, 2010

I ♥ Atlanta Building Science

I really do ♥ the Atlanta Auburn Building Science Alumni Group.  This great group of alumni has raised over $600,000 for our Building Science program over the years.  This fall we are going to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this organization. 

To support our Visiting Industry Professor endowment, our Atlanta Alumni Group and our Industry Advisory Council sold tickets for a chance to win a custom painted Harley Davidson FatBob motorcycle.  A little over 400 tickets were sold @ $100 each. 

To draw the winning ticket, the Atlanta group decided to incorporate this in to their annual fall social.   The social was held at Jocks & Jills in Atlanta during the Auburn vs. Mississippi State game.

The group had the bike at their annual golf tournament.  Of course, I had to try it out.

Skip getting the tickets ready to draw at half time.

Kelley picked an unbiased person to draw the ticket.

The crowd, especially Wayne Bylsma, eagerly awaiting the drawing.

The winning ticket was old by alum, Dan Messer. 

Kelley called the guy who won.  He lives in Ohio and told Kelley that he was recuperating from a motorcycle accident.  He said that he was thrilled to win because his bike was messed up from his accident.  He even said that he would drive to Auburn the following day (from Ohio) to pick up the bike. 

Skip counting up the money from the ticke sales.

Love these girls!  Sonia Grant and Julie Cannon are two of our Building science alumni.

Scott Maskell hosting our guests.

Skip and Dan back to cheering on the Tigers vs. Mississippi State.

Ruth Crittenden, one of our very successful female BSC grads.

It was a fun night in the ATL.  But, this made for a late night betting back to Auburn.  Glad we won.  It made the drive home so much more enjoyable.

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