Sunday, November 23, 2008

How Do You Stop the TN Titans Undefeated Season?

.... Invite Tara and AJ.

We were so excited to attend the Titans game against Brett Favre and the Jets. The bad news is that this ended up being the first loss of the season for the Titans. Tara Fisher invited us to the game. We got to sit with Tara and Stuart Stone. We were literally on the 50-yard line right behind the Titans bench. It was the perfect day for a game - sunny and cold.

Me and AJ at the game.

Jeff Fisher giving the team a pep talk coming back from halftime.

Jeff Fisher arguing with the officials. There were tons of calls that went against the Titans.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Auburn Homecoming Game

My friend, Lana, brought her daughter, Madi, to Auburn last Saturday. Madi is interested in attending AU next year. I would love to have her in school here. She has already been accepted at SCAAD (Savannah College of Art And Design). If she chooses to go there, that is fine too. I just can't believe she is old enough to go to college. When I met her, Madi was 6 years-old!

This was their first Auburn game. Madi brought her friend, Rachel. We actually ran into several Newnan people on campus. I was so pround of Lana, Madi, and Rachel for having on official Auburn gear. Oh, my mom made my Auburn pencil skirt. I love it.

Friday, October 31, 2008

First Game at Prattville

This was Charlotte's first football game. And, my first game at Prattville. It was freezing on Halloween night. Charlotte seemed to do better than any of us. It is a good thing she did well at the game. I am sure she has many football games in her future. She was a good little space heater when you held her.

Prattville killed Central-Tuscaloosa. It was Senior Night so the band didn't perform. That was a bummer.

Sarah was taking the picture. Jeff was yelling at the band kids. Poor AJ was by himself at a Northgate game somewhere in Atlanta.....
Oh. Can you tell I have new hair color? It is the darkest it has ever been. I gave AJ the choice of light or dark. He chose dark. I don't think he meant THIS dark. I like it.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Political Observations from AJ

Admittedly, although I have voted for Democrats in the past, I tend to overwhelmingly go Republican. And I'm hoping this race for the White House will be like the Breeders' Cup Classic of last week.

As they came around for the final turn, favored Curlin held the lead. But underdog Raven's Pass found an additional late gear and pulled out the win.

I'm wishing Sen. John McCain can find similar success over the next few days.

President George W. Bush's tenure in office hasn't been the best. His time served will be defined by the war on terror and our troubling econony. But the war is just that, a war on terror. I wasn't pleased about the war but this war was going to happen there or here. Where did you want it to be held?

But to say the last eight years have been a failure isn't accurate. Bush was the Commander and Chief we needed in the critical period that followed the tragedy of September 11, 2001.

Two memories of the days that followed those attacks will live with me the remainder of my life.

The first was at Logan Airport in Boston on the day air travel was allowed to return. The first plane out that morning, I believe a United aircraft, started to taxi down the runway. As the plane moved in motion, its pilot held out an American flag.

It was a sight our country needed to see. That pilot sent a message to the world that morning. This is America, the greatest nation in the world, and we will get past this terrible time.

The second image that remains prevalent was at Yankee Stadium before game three of the World Series between Arizona and the New York Yankees.

President Bush was asked to throw out the first pitch. Bush wanted to return normalcy to our great nation although the government had warned of potential new attacks.

The 43rd Commander in Chief donned a navy blue FDNY sweatshirt. He looked up to the stands and gave a thumbs up to the nervous crowd.

His offering, a perfect strike, was hauled in by Yankee back-up catcher Todd Greene. It was only a baseball game but it was an extremely presidential moment. The crowd roared its approval by repeating, "U.S.A., U.S.A."

Joe Torre would later talk about the pitch. "He has wanted us right from the get-go to do what we need to do, to live as normal as we can. He showed courage and class."

The next president will also need to have courage and class. I know what I'm getting with McCain. I can't say the same about Sen. Barack Obama.

It disturbs me that Obama has suggested that we take the day off from school and work on Tuesday. He must believe the economy is in better shape than the rest of us. Imagine being a small business owner and hearing that Obama doesn't want your employees to work.

Obama must believe if you get fired...don't worry. The government will take care of you. Here's a candidate who wants to raise taxes during these tough economic times.

What Obama won't talk about is how the surge has worked and how the Democrats have controlled Congress the last two years. I'm still trying to figure out how McCain and the Republicans got blamed when the economy went south last month.

There's plenty of blame to go around. You can even go back to the Clinton Administration when they demanded we be politically correct concerning all matters.

I just can't trust Obama. He wants to tax hard working people and give money to those who pay no taxes at all. He appears to be in favor of socialism. How is McCain losing to this guy?

He attacks Joe the Plumber, yet it was Obama who was looking for a photo opportunity when he approached Joe. The want-to-be small business owner asked a simple question and finally got a straight answer out of Obama. It back-fired on the Democrat.

Questionable past relationships of Obama's seem to continue to come up. Is it just a coincidence that Obama landed in corrupt Chicago to begin his political career?

It is worth noting that as many as three Supreme Court Justices may retire during the next administration. We already have a Democratic house and senate. Conservatives can't afford a liberal president, one who voted against the appointments of John Roberts and Samuel Alito.

A friend of mine emailed me a couple of pictures last year of Obama scrimmaging with the University of North Carolina basketball team.

I was told then that Obama held his own and made some nice shots. I'm glad the outcome of this race won't be settled playing one-on-one on the basketball court. Obama would have a gigantic edge.

The liberal national media would like for you to think this race is over. Now I see why Obama has been urging people to get out and vote early. The truth is the race is tightening.

Here's hoping that McCain can overcome Obama and the liberal media. I just don't know. I want to believe in the American people but I'm fearing Tuesday will be a great day for the Democrats and a terrible day for America.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

This Week and My Husband

This has been a tough week for us. We were expecting, but found out Monday, Oct. 13 that we lost the baby. I went for a routine appointment and the doctor couldn't find a heartbeat. We were at 11 weeks. I had the hospital procedure on Tuesday. It has been a shocking, tearful, and very long week.

I wanted to share how amazing AJ has been through all of this. I always knew I had a great husband, but his actions and caretaking in this situation have blown me away. He has known exactly what to say, when to give me hugs, and when to give me space. When I had to quit eating and drinking at midnight before my hospital procedure, AJ said he wouldn't eat or drink until I could. He stood at my bed and held my hand during pre-op at the hospital. I was out of it and thought he was there for 10 minutes, but it was an hour and a half. He wouldn't sit down because the chair was too far from my bed.

When I couldn't sleep at night, AJ sat up with me and watched the Brady Bunch movie until all hours of the night. (What husband would put himself through that movie?) AJ also went and bought me the new Marcia Brady book that just hit the stands this week. He did all of this without my asking.

He has hugged me for hours at a time. He hasn't left my side. I have always felt blessed to have him as my husband. I never thought I could love him more. But, I do. I am grateful to God everyday to have AJ as my husband, partner, and best friend.

We are both thankful for our friends and our family for being with us through this.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Niece, Charlotte Is Here

My brother, Jeff, and his wife, Sarah, welcomed Charlotte Elizabeth Grant on 8/15/08. She was 7 lbs. 14 oz. and 20 inches long. Everyone is doing well and they are at home in Prattville now.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sold The Altima

So, I sold the silver Altima. It had 110,000 miles on it. It was a great car, but I was worried about being on the road so much by myself. AJ was very sad to see it to. It went to a good home - Mark Clark and family.

Friday, June 27, 2008

AU Campaign Celebration

AJ and I attended the AU Campaign Celebration. It was held on Ag Hill. There were several CADC donors in attendance. It was fun visiting with everyone. The theme was country casual. There were lots of cowboy hats and western wear. This is as country as AJ and I get.

AJ, our friend Jennifer Eller (who is at LSU now), Jerry Purcell, and me.

Steven Segerlin, his date, AJ, and me.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Vegas Vacation

AJ and I had a great time in Vegas the first part of June. It was cooler there in the desert than in Auburn. I swam everyday and AJ gambled everyday. We were both happy with our trip... We got to visit with our good friends Gregg and Deborah Fischer. They live in Vegas full time.

AJ won enough money on the first day to get me a half day at the spa. It was great! A sugar body scrub, a massage, and a facial. I was very relaxed.

Of course we had to visit the Bellagio - where we got engaged. We also ate at one of our favorite restaurants, Diego.


Thursday, May 15, 2008


I had to work in Boston from May 13 - 16. Since AJ's birthday was May 15, I definitely wanted him with me. We had a great time. We toured the city and saw Fenway Park. We were there before the Celtics won the NBA championship. The weather was perfect and we had a great time.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Georgia Force Football Game -

AJ with GA Force mascot.

Our friend, Ben, in action.

AJ and I were invited to attend the Georgia Force football game. Ben Nowland, former AU player, is the starting center and one of our friends. His wife, Hillary, got us player's tickets which were great. We even got to sit next to Ben's grandparents. The Georgia Force had the greatest comeback on Arena Football history.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

AJ and I surprised my mom at her 2-year-old Sunday school class. We tried to help with the kids, but ended up just distracting them.... We went to lunch at Outback with my parents to celebrate Mother's Day. For her present, I am taking mom to Corks & Canvas in Montgomery. We have to find a painting that we like on a day that is free for both of us. I have the best mom ever!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Graduation - May 10

Steven Segerlin graduated in Building Science in May. He is a great kid and we are very proud of him. AJ and I have gotten to know him over the past year. He has such a bright future. His family came from New York for the graduation celebration. This picture was taken at the college reception.

My High School Get Together (not reunion)

AJ and I went to El Rio in the Valley for my high school get together dinner. We also made plans for our "big" upcoming reunion.

Me and Laurie Jennings Phillips.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Bunco/Cinco de Mayo

Being an International Business (Spanish) major, I have always loved to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. My friend, Julie, and I used to celebrate in grad. school in Auburn and then in Atlanta. Our celebrations always included margaritas.

It was my turn to host Bunco. So, I decided to have a Cinco de Mayo theme, complete with homeade frozen margaritas. Alley Jackson and Jennifer Sims served as first time subs.

The sad part of the night was that AJ was in Jekyll Island covering GA state golf championship. So, this was the first time I had stayed by myself at our house. I am usually the one that travels. I made it through the night and AJ made it back from Jekyll.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Pictures from Strutting Duck - Dan Adams Band Show

Avery/The Fiddler, Dan, and Steve on stage.

Dan Adams Band with us.

Us, the Hodos, and the band.

Me and Andee listening to the band.

I Ran, Horses Ran, Saw Dan

My very long Saturday began at 5:50 a.m. I decided to run in the Valley Haven Hike Bike Run in Valley, AL. The 5K run started at 8:15 eastern or unfortunately 7:15 central. There weren't very many people in the race, but those that participated were pretty fast. I wasn't trying to win any prizes....just wanted to run the whole time and finish.

I saw Bruce Schoonover, a former Knology colleague, and his daughter at the start of the race. They ran ahead of me, but I kept my eye on them. I still don't know how to determine my pace or how far I have gone during the race. I caught Bruce and passed him towards the 2.5 mile (I guess) mark. I could see the finish line as Bruce caught back up with me. I started sprinting as best I could and so did Bruce. We both didn't want the other finish ahead. We crossed at the same time. I was glad to run the whole time and finish, but I still had some left in the tank. I guess I should have gone faster.

I was back home by 8:30. I crashed, knowing that my day had just started. It was also Kentucky Derby day. AJ insisted that we have mint juleps. Do you know how difficult it is to find fresh mint on Derby day? After 3 stores, I found it. With mint juleps in hand, we watched Big Brown impressively win the Derby. Have we just seen the next Triple Crown winner? We were devastated that Eight Belles was put down after the race and a fall.

Our next stop of the day was Loco's. We met the Hodos and Dan Adams Band for dinner. It was then on to Strutting Duck. I borrowed some cowboy boots so I would fit in at the Duck. Too bad my boots didn't make any of the photos....

We visited with Dan, Steve, and Avery (aka The Fiddler) on Sunday morning. They have a video coming out on GAC in the next few weeks.

Friday, April 25, 2008

CADC Campaign Celebration - April 25

By Tara:

We celebrated the CADC campaign success on April 25 at Fountainview Mansion. It was great fun. Here are a few shots of the party. One picture is of me, Leslie and Melissa. Leslie works with CADC and with the Campaign Office. Melissa raises money for the Rural Studio. The other pic. is of the dean of our college, Dan, Leslie, and me.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

UGA Women's Tennis

By Tara:
AJ and I went to the SEC Women's Tennis Championship on April 20. It was UGA vs. Florida. As die hard Auburn fans, it was difficult to decide how to cheer. But, the tennis was amazing. UGA won. They came back on Florida even though they lower ranked. It was very exciting. AJ celebrated with the UGA team. Notice his very orange AU shirt. The girls loved it and THEIR fans took pictures of AJ with the team too.

Excerpts from AJ's newspaper story:


AUBURN, AL- No one will ever be able to doubt the heart and will of the University of Georgia women's tennis team.

Even after surrendering the doubles point, UGA's performance at the Yarbrough Tennis Center in the early stages of play on the singles side had the Lady Bulldogs in position to upset top-seeded Florida and repeat as SEC Champions.

Florida gained a 1-0 lead with a sweep of the doubles matches.... The entire Georgia team, just before singles play started, huddled with head coach Jeff Wallace. His girls responded by going out and winning the first set in five of the six matches.

Georgia needed to win four of the six to win the title.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Junior League 5K Art Walk/Run

By Tara:

AJ and I ran in the Junior League 5K Art Walk/Run. We invited Steven Segerlin and Ashley York to join us. Now, I am not a naturally good or fast runner so I encouraged our friends to run ahead of me, at their own fast pace. AJ started off with me, but eventually went ahead as well. My goal was to A: finish B: run the whole time, and C: not embarrass myself.

I didn't finish first and I got passed by 3 daddies with baby strollers, but I met my goals. There was no official timing, but based on my own watch, I estimated my time to be about 32 minutes.

We visited with some of the Junior Leaguers then decided to go to CiCi's pizza - very healthy. We asked the Powells to join us there. AJ went along with pizza even though he had eaten pizza for 6 previous straight meals (5 at Brick Oven and 1 at Shakey's). Steven and Ashley went with us too. We all figured we deserved a treat after our workout.

What will be our next race? Stay tuned......

Friday, April 18, 2008

Davis Cup Tennis - Winston, Salem 2008

By Tara:
Our first post - We attended USA Davis Cup tennis vs. France in Winston Salem on April 11 and 12. Before the matches, we saw the US team receive their championship rings from the 2007 season - Patrick McEnroe (captain), Roddick, Blake, and the Bryan brothers.

The first day we watched Andy Roddick play and then my favorite, James Blake. Roddick had an easy 3 set match. Blake battled through a tough 5 setter, but prevailed. For tennis fans, you know that Blake has struggled with 5 setters in the past. There were 14,000 US fans and 100 French fans. And there were tons of older/old tennis fans there.

On Saturday, I told AJ that I was going to get my picture made with Justin Gimmelstob. AJ really didn't question me as he knows I usually get my way with these things. We got there early and I just walked up to Justin and asked to have my picture with him. He was very gracious and said "Of course!" AJ visited with Justin and relived some of Justin's glory matches. Then, AJ spent quite a bit of time with Ted Robinson in the broadcast booth. Ted was eager to get AJ's comments on past and upcoming Grand Slam tennis events. Ted also thanked AJ for feeding him the line 2 years ago about Rafael Nadal being Roger Federer's personal kryptonite.

We then watched the Bryan brothers lose to France. After the match, we met our Atlanta friends Mike and Kitsie Cain for dinner and discussed tennis, baseball, and golf.

The Davis Cup was great and was fan friendly. This made us look forward to the French, Wimbledon, and US Open.