Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tara Maple's 40th Birthday and Maestro

On September 14th, we had the first meeting of the year for the Junior League of Lee County.  Our president, Tara Maple, led her first meeting... on her 40th birthday!   With a celebration during the meeting, we decided to extend her birthday at Maestro. 

Maestro is a (relatively) new bar and tapas restaurant in Auburn.  It was nice weather so we sat outside.  I am sure that the other patrons at Maestro were happy that we chose to be outside.  With five of us, all Type-A personalities, it got quite loud at times.  What a relaxing and fun evening with an amazing group of women!

Lisa ordered a tapas sampler.  It was so pretty, I had to take a picture. 

Me, Tara - the birthday girl, Lisa, Nancy, and Kathy

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