Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shopping with Charlotte

On Saturday, I shopped with Charlotte.  I am so glad that she likes to shop and look for clothes.  She was excited to go to Wal Mart and informed me that she was going to ride in her stroller.  I told her Wal Mart was buggy time instead.  On the drive to Wal Mart, she told me that she was tired.  I told her to pep up, that we had lots of shopping to do.  She laughed and agreed.  To keep her awake in her car seat, we danced.

She then insisted that she wanted a quesadilla.  After lunch, it was on to the mall where Charlotte got to ride in her stroller.  She was great as we shopped and wanted to "ride" in the cars at the mall.  But, she wanted the cars to be stationary and not moving.  

I think that Charlotte was telling us she wasn't ready to leave.

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