Friday, August 20, 2010

What is it? A good thing.... Chi O Cruise Day 2

Friday, August 20th was our first day at sea.  More importantly, it was also Spa Day!  We all got up early to work out before our treatments.  I did the elliptical in front of a full length mirror.  That was interesting - nothing to look at, but the mirror in front of me.  I also did the steam room after my workout.  I love a steam room, but rarely have time to utilize the one at our club. 

I chose the75 minute Spa Topia package:  hot stone massage, back and neck massage, foot massage, mini-facial.  A few minutes in, this is the conversation. 
From Ineke, my therapist from South Africa with thick blue eyeshadow: "Your neck and upper back muscles are extremely tight." 
Me: "No kidding." 
Ineke: "Your face is dry.  Do you know why?"
Me: "Yea I know why.  I swim in chlorine with my face submerged 3 to 4 days a week."
Me: "Can we just not talk anymore?"
Ineke: "Whatever you say."

After being totally relaxed, we spent a couple of hours on the pool deck.  Boy, what a site to see.  If I saw one tattoo, I saw a million.  After a shower, I had THE BEST nap.  Then, it was time for Formal Dinner.

In our formal wear.

At dinner.

Zucchini eggplant parmagiana on a lake of marinara - delicious.  The food was a lot better than I was expecting.  For 3 of the nights, I also ordered chocolate melting cake with ice cream.

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