Saturday, August 21, 2010

What is it? A good thing.... Chi O Cruise Day 3

Saturday, August 21st  - Cozumel, Mexico!  At the last minute, we decided to take an excursion.  We chose the Deluxe Beach trip at Playa Mia.  This was a very good choice....once we got there.

The air conditioned bus was supposed to depart the port at 8:45 a.m.  We were on the 4th deck and had to get to the 3rd deck to exit the ship.  Seeing no stairs, Wendy, Caroline, and I got on the nearest elevator and pressed 3.  Nothing happened.  Then, we couldn't get the elevator doors opened.  Panic started setting in.  Finally the doors opened and we started running down the hall looking for an exit, reminiscent of Leonardo DiCaprio during Titanic.  We were the last ones off the ship.  This didn't deter the photographers at the end of the gang way.  They insisted we take a picture.  We finally push past them and ran to meet Sharon and Tiffany.  Glad we didn't miss the bus. 

After a 10 minute ride, we were delivered to Playa Mia. Beach chairs, floats, umbrellas, lunch, and frozen drinks included. Even though it was 9:00 a.m., we all started with the Miami Vice - frozen pina colada with frozen strawberry margarita.

Thankful that I brought my own goggles and figuring that shark feeding time had passed, I set out for a swim in the ocean.  The water was so clear and I saw tons of fish.  I guess that I was so mesmerized by all the fish, I inadvertently swam past the buoys.  Yikes!  I was out in the area with the speed boats.  I took a deep breath and started tried to swim back inside the buoys. 

A quote from the beach said by a bunch of 20 something guys:  "Where are all the cougars?"  I couldn't tell if they were looking at us, but either way it was funny.

After 5 hours on the beach, we headed back.  The border people were not very patient as we tried to gather our passports.  One of the guys blew his whistle at Wendy. 

A much needed shower and nap revved us up for dinner.  At dinner the night before, "Robert" was seated with us.  He was by himself and seemingly an introvert.  We all tried to engage him in conversation, but it was painful for all involved.  I suggeted that we have some prepared questions for Robert so that it wouldn't be so awkward.  Sharon pipe up and said, "I have one.  How about - How many people have you killed in your basement?"  This sent us all into hysterics.  Luckily for Robert, he chose other dining plans.

Wendy also had other dinner plans.  After ordering an appetizer, she started fading fast.  The seas were choppy and Wendy was down for the count.  She ran to the room before the main course.

In order to get us to stay up late, Sharon enticed us by saying she would do karaoke and we could pick the song.  We picked "Brass Monkey" by the Beastie Boys.  She was a good sport, but we had all forgotten how fast the song was.   Wendy rallied and joined us at karaoke.  Walking back to our room, I asked Sharon if she would still do the worm.  She dropped down to the floor and attempted it.  Wendy said she looked like a fish out of water instead of a worm.  We even got a teenaged boy to try to help Sharon. 

Caroline loved this bulldog towel in our room that night.  We all loved that Renaldo cleaned our room and made our beds everytime we left the room.

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