Thursday, August 19, 2010

What is it? A good thing.... Chi O Cruise Day 1

On Thursday, August 19th we embarked on a Chi O Cruise from Mobile to Cozumel.  Our group included me, Sharon Callison Ghaleb, Caroline Jones Lambert, Wendy Gilbert McMillan, and Tiffany Braswell Larson.  There was drama even before we boarded the ship.  I receive my passport the Saturday before we left.  Wendy got her passport on the DAY before we left.  Tiffany flew in from Wisconsin. 

The cruise ship allows each person to carry on a bottle of wine.  I brought 2 bottles to share and asked Caroline to carry one on.  When Caroline went through security, they asked her if she had a bottle of wine.

Quote of the Day from Caroline:  "I think it is wine.  THEY handed this to me and told me to carry it on."

Wendy's wine got confiscated because she put it in her suitcase.

Luckily, everything worked and we all made it on the ship.  We toasted with the champagne that Sharon brought aboard.  We then ran to the spa to box everyone else out to book our appointments.

At dinner, we were seated with The Sears - two brothers, one wife, and one son.  The brothers were in their 70s/80s and the son, Gary, told us he was 55, single, and on e-Harmony and  This all made for interesting dinner conversation.  I am not sure how The Sears took us at first.  With the 5 of talking all at once, we can be pretty overwhelming.

I brought Chi O cups for everyone to enjoy on our trip.

We started playing cards right away - Hearts.  After dinner, we went to the "Vegas" style show.  While we waited, we played a quick hand.  Sharon threw her card and it slipped into the sofa cushion.  We didn't want to be a card short in the deck so Wendy and Sharon tried to lift up the seat.  In the process of rescuing the card, they broke the seat.

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