Sunday, August 22, 2010

What is it? A good thing.... Chi O Cruise Day 4

Sunday, August 22nd - Day at Sea.  The cruise director said it would be a beautiful day....  It rained most of the day.  We would not be deterred.  Another morning at the gym.  This time I did the treadmill.  It faced the front of the ship.   You could see the ship moving while you moved on the treadmill - an odd feeling.  I saw a school (?) of dolphins swimming while I was in the gym.

We decided to have a quiet lunch and then go to the CHOCOLATE BAR.  Wow.  With a sugar high and rain outside, we chose to take a dance class.  We learned the dance moves from Michael Jackson's Thriller video.  This was so much fun!!  We took the class on the stage of the main theater and there were tons of people watching.  Later in the day, we also took a Hip Hop class. 

Before dinner, we got an unexpected surprise.  Renaldo delivered Wendy's confiscated wine, just in time too.  We had literally poured out the last drop as he knocked on the door.

Plotting our karaoke song.

Before dinner, we made a stop at the sushi bar.  It was delicious and they rotated out different types of rolls.

During the day, we had the idea to do a group karaoke.   After much deliberation, we decided on Baby Got Back by Sir Mixalot.  We even prepared some dance moves.  Initially, we thought about doing costumes.  But, after further consideration, we decide against it.  Sharon was going to be a pimp.

Again, we underestimated how quickly the words would scroll on the screen.  We did have some fans and got some cheers.  It may be because they were happy we were off the stage.

Gary Sears, the guy from our dinner table, watched our karaoke act.  At the end, he said, "I don't know how you girls made it out of college."  Our response, "We were the smart ones!"

Back to the room to pack.  A monkey towel!  This one is for AJ. 

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