Sunday, August 15, 2010

Reunion 2010

I had a great time at my high school reunion.  We pulled it together in 3 weeks and had about 30 classmates there - 30% attendance isn't so bad.  We held the reunion at the Irish Bred Pub in West Point, GA.  There was also the Back to School Bash going on in downtown.  It was exciting to see so many people in town.  We actually had to park at Batson Cook.

It felt like we were still in high school.  It was especially fun to see Beth Browning.  I had not seen her since 6th grade!  She said that she remembered all of our spend the night parties.  She also said she remembered that I had a beagle, but couldn't remember details about my brother.

I  was thrilled that Ms. Williams attended.  We had a her as a teacher at Central, then South, then as principal at the Jr. High.  Unfortunately, she didn't follow us to high school.  She had not aged one bit. 

It was fun to see The Hud, DeAnna, Joan Conley, LaShandra Banks, and others. Joan had the smart idea of charging drinks on her twin brother's tab.  Her name tag said Joan Conley so the waitresses thought she was John's wife.  I am glad I left before John got his tab.

Tanya Fincher was most changed and Tricia Keeble was least changed.  Todd's wife got everyone going on the dance floor and Lynn Clark brought a million old pictures.  AJ entertained the husbands by doing commentary on the Braves game. 

We all vowed to meet up in the Winter.... We will see if that happens.  Even if it doesn't, this night was one to remember.

A few classmates with Ms. Williams.

AJ being a supportive husband at the party.

I hadn't seen Beth in about 25 years.

Back with DeAnna.

Group shot.

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