Friday, November 5, 2010

First Half Marathon - American Cancer Society

So, I decided to do a half marathon.... Yikes! 

I am excited about participating in my FIRST half marathon.  I am especially thrilled that my first half marathon will benefit the American Cancer Society. 

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In late 2004, my mother, Elizabeth Grant, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Luckily, the cancer was caught early and was non-invasive.  Even though her prognosis was positive, it was devastating news for our family.  She chose to be aggressive with her treatment and have radiation.  Happily, in early 2010, my mom celebrated the milestone of being cancer free for five years. I hadn't thought of the perfect way to honor her, until now.  I continue to be so impressed with my mother's strength and positive attitude.

Me and Mom celebrating 2010

I am grateful that there have been people who have contributed to the American Cancer Society in the past so that my mom could be a survivor.  I am running to raise money, with a personal goal of $1,300, so that additional research can be done to prevent and eventually cure cancer.

I am also running to honor my father-in-law Tony Jones, a stomach cancer survivor.  I am running to honor my cousin-in-law, Jeff Goodwin, who is successfully battling a brain tumor.  And, I am running in honor and memory of so many friends and family who have been affected by cancer.

So, when I am struggling with my training, I will remember that running is easy compared to beating cancer.  Every mile I conquer will be more meaningful because I’m doing this for something greater – for a cause I truly believe in.

When I cross that finish line, I will be doing it for you and for all the people we know who’ve been touched by this disease. Please support me and my team with a donation so that together, with the American Cancer Society,  we can help save lives and create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

Let me know when you make a donation and I will be happy to put the name of your honoree on this webpage.

My friend, Hank, contributed in memory of his sister, Sally, and in honor of his sister, Jane, and his wife, Ann.
My friend, Lana, contributed in memory of her mother who passed away in 1993.

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