Saturday, April 19, 2008

Junior League 5K Art Walk/Run

By Tara:

AJ and I ran in the Junior League 5K Art Walk/Run. We invited Steven Segerlin and Ashley York to join us. Now, I am not a naturally good or fast runner so I encouraged our friends to run ahead of me, at their own fast pace. AJ started off with me, but eventually went ahead as well. My goal was to A: finish B: run the whole time, and C: not embarrass myself.

I didn't finish first and I got passed by 3 daddies with baby strollers, but I met my goals. There was no official timing, but based on my own watch, I estimated my time to be about 32 minutes.

We visited with some of the Junior Leaguers then decided to go to CiCi's pizza - very healthy. We asked the Powells to join us there. AJ went along with pizza even though he had eaten pizza for 6 previous straight meals (5 at Brick Oven and 1 at Shakey's). Steven and Ashley went with us too. We all figured we deserved a treat after our workout.

What will be our next race? Stay tuned......

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Steven said...

I think that the Junior League 5K Art Walk/Run was one of the greatest races of Auburn history! It began as a solid neck to neck race with each leading canidate heading toward their dreams of victory in claiming this coveted anunal cup! The finish was photo finish with AJ & Tara literally coming from "out of no where," to knock myself and Ashley from reaching the crown, maybe we'll have better luck next time. I am thoroughly let down that I missed out on some of the previous circuit action (a.k.a. the "Shamrock 5K"), but luckily I was able to make a solid top performance at the "Auburn Tri-A-5" to begin the summer running season. "Stay Tuned," to catch more action - we all know -- Aces, Faces, and Places -- will have all the most up to date leaders and results!