Saturday, October 18, 2008

This Week and My Husband

This has been a tough week for us. We were expecting, but found out Monday, Oct. 13 that we lost the baby. I went for a routine appointment and the doctor couldn't find a heartbeat. We were at 11 weeks. I had the hospital procedure on Tuesday. It has been a shocking, tearful, and very long week.

I wanted to share how amazing AJ has been through all of this. I always knew I had a great husband, but his actions and caretaking in this situation have blown me away. He has known exactly what to say, when to give me hugs, and when to give me space. When I had to quit eating and drinking at midnight before my hospital procedure, AJ said he wouldn't eat or drink until I could. He stood at my bed and held my hand during pre-op at the hospital. I was out of it and thought he was there for 10 minutes, but it was an hour and a half. He wouldn't sit down because the chair was too far from my bed.

When I couldn't sleep at night, AJ sat up with me and watched the Brady Bunch movie until all hours of the night. (What husband would put himself through that movie?) AJ also went and bought me the new Marcia Brady book that just hit the stands this week. He did all of this without my asking.

He has hugged me for hours at a time. He hasn't left my side. I have always felt blessed to have him as my husband. I never thought I could love him more. But, I do. I am grateful to God everyday to have AJ as my husband, partner, and best friend.

We are both thankful for our friends and our family for being with us through this.


chuck_huey said...

Tara and AJ, I was so saddened to hear the news. My heart hurts for you both. It is a devastating thing to go through. There are no words that I can give you to make you feel better except that we all love you and are praying for you. Both of you are in our thoughts and prayers. With Love, the Hueys

Scootah said...

Tara and AJ~

Take care and you know where to find me.


Steven Segerlin said...

Hearts from Europe!!! I'm thinking of you two......Steven