Friday, October 31, 2008

First Game at Prattville

This was Charlotte's first football game. And, my first game at Prattville. It was freezing on Halloween night. Charlotte seemed to do better than any of us. It is a good thing she did well at the game. I am sure she has many football games in her future. She was a good little space heater when you held her.

Prattville killed Central-Tuscaloosa. It was Senior Night so the band didn't perform. That was a bummer.

Sarah was taking the picture. Jeff was yelling at the band kids. Poor AJ was by himself at a Northgate game somewhere in Atlanta.....
Oh. Can you tell I have new hair color? It is the darkest it has ever been. I gave AJ the choice of light or dark. He chose dark. I don't think he meant THIS dark. I like it.

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