Monday, February 14, 2011

Half Marathon in New Orleans - Part 3

Afterwards............ Boy do my knees hurt.  I did take an ice bath to reduce the soreness.  Then, hot shower and quick nap.  Have I mentioned that my knees still hurt?

We went back to the French Quarter and ate at Cafe Pontalba.  I was starving and hoping that the restaurant we chose was within close walking distance.  We couldn't decide if we should go to Pat O'Briens afterwards.  So, we flipped a coin.  Luckily, the coin told us to go.  We all had a hurricane!

It was great sitting outside visiting with different people who had run in the race.  Afterwards, we made a stop at Cafe Du Monde.  But, our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs.  We order 24 beignets, but had about 16 left over.  They were so good - what a sugar rush.

After sleeping late, we made the trip back home.  To celebrate Valentine's Day, we went Macaroni Grill for lunch in Mobile.  When we got home, Kelly Bennett had decorated our house with this congratulations sign.  It was a great weekend and a fabulous experience.

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