Sunday, October 10, 2010

I ♥ NYC - Part 2

I have always wanted to jog through Central Park.  This was the perfect time to cross this off my To-Do list.  The weather was great and our hotel was one block south of the park entrance.  I decided to stay with other runners on the main path.  Even though I wanted to break off on the side trails, I reminded myself of all the Law & Orders I have seen. 

I saw so many sites on my journey, including the carousel.

The park was very crowded on Sunday.

AJ and I walked to Rockfeller Center and ate at Bill's Bar & Burger. 

I had a fantastic veggie burger.  We met a guy in the restaurant who had graduated from Auburn.  He had just moved to NYC and seemed pretty homesick.  We talked to him for a while.

After lunch, we got stuck in the Columbus Day parade (Hispanic version).  AJ asked a policeman how long it would last.  He said 6 hours!  We told him that parades in Alabama last for 30 minutes.

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